Hollywood Schmollywood

Demi Lovato has revealed that she has just two vices now that she’s sober and steers clear of the party scene. “I love cigars. I only smoke them when I’m in Vegas or on a special occasion,” she admitted in a Thursday radio interview. “It’s all I have left–that and Redbull. One night in Vegas, I got a sugar-free Redbull and a cigar and those are my vices. I’m set.” Lovato, who turns 25 on Sunday, also opens up about what it’s like for her to be living alone for the first time. “I’m at a pivotal point in my life where I’m single now, and I’m living on my own,” she explains. “I get along with me very well. I’m by myself at night and I put on some Netflix. Sometimes I just knit or watch crime shows, and I just, you know, relax. I’m knitting, like, scarfs, I love it.”


Justin Theroux has admitted that he once decided to skip an audition in New York for a role on Friends, his now-wife Jennifer Aniston’s beloved ’90s sitcom. “No, I didn’t bother,” he tells Mr. Porter magazine. “I slept in that day. I wouldn’t have been prepared [for fame].” The 46-year-old actor goes on to say he doesn’t recognize the person that the media portrays him as being. “It’s just not a part of me,” he explains. “There’s this slightly insane person running around on the covers of tabloids who is mentally ill, clearly.” He adds, “I think it does drive people insane and you can tell who those people are in the world… But for the most part, it’s not as pervasive in our lives as people think… [But] it’s definitely something you have to analyze and come to terms with. Which I think [my wife] has done very elegantly and pretty effortlessly.”


Miley Cyrus just dropped $5.8 million on a farmhouse right in her hometown of Franklin, Tennessee. E! News reports that the 33.5-acre property boasts five bedrooms, four bathrooms and a pool in a rustic environment. Miley was born and raised on a 500-acre farm in Franklin before moving to Hollywood at age 11 to star in Hannah Montana.


P!nk shared a photo of her pumping breast milk to her Instagram account while on the road doing some promo work. “And now this #pumpupthejams #mombreak,” Pink captioned the photo while in London, England promoting new music. Pink and her husband Carey Hart have two kids: son Jameson, who was born in December, and daughter Willow, 6. Jameson has been by his mom’s side during her overseas adventure and Pink hasn’t shied away from sharing shots of the two on their travels. P!nk recently release the music video for “What About Us,” the first single off her new album, Beautiful Trauma.


Robin Thicke is going to be a father again. He and his 22-year-old girlfriend April Love Geary are expecting a baby. April posted a sonogram photo yesterday. She also revealed that she’s due on March 1st . . . which just happens to be the birthday of Robin’s dad Alan Thicke. Alan died last December after having a heart attack while he was playing hockey with Robin’s brother Carter. Robin is 40 years old, and he has a 7-year-old son named Julian with his ex-wife Paula Patton. Their custody battle got pretty ugly, with Paula accusing Robin of physically abusing both her AND Julian.


Paris Hilton apologized yesterday for some comments she made in the new issue of “Marie Claire” magazine. In the article, she said she wasn’t bothered by President Trump’s “Grab ’em by the you-know-what” comment, because, quote, “I’ve heard guys say the craziest things ever, because I’m always around guys, and I listen to them speak.” She also said she doesn’t believe the women accusing Trump of sexual assault, saying she thinks they’re, quote, “just trying to get attention and fame.” After the Internet went DOG NUTS on her, she issued a statement saying, quote, “I want to apologize for my comments from an interview I did last year. They were part of a much larger story and I am regretful that they were not delivered in the way I had intended.” “I always believe in helping women have their voices heard and helping create an environment where women feel empowered and believe in themselves.”