Hollywood Schmollywood

Tom Brady has a new book out this week called “The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance” . . . and some people are accusing him of trying to become the Gwyneth Paltrow of athletes. In addition to the workouts, recipes, wellness tips, and hawking his own vitamins and supplements, there’s also a whole section on water, which includes a passage where Tom implies that you can prevent sunburns by just drinking water. He says, “When I was growing up, and playing outside in the sun, I got sunburned a lot. I was a fair-skinned Irish boy, after all. These days, even if I get an adequate amount of sun, I won’t get a sunburn, which I credit to the amount of water I drink. I always hydrate afterward, too, to keep my skin from peeling. Technically, he doesn’t say that he doesn’t use sunscreen, but you’d think that he’d give SOME of the credit to Coppertone if it was part of his regimen. Tom claims he drinks 2.5 GALLONS of water every day, which is excessive for a normal person . . . although it’s not unheard of for a big-time athlete. That’s roughly 40 glasses of water. If you sleep eight hours a night, 40 glasses means you’d have to drink a full glass about every 20 minutes that you’re awake. So, you’re so busy drinking water that you don’t have TIME to go out into the sun.


Kevin Hart and his pregnant wife Eniko Parrish are pulling out all the stops for her upcoming baby shower, despite the fact that he seemingly admitted to cheating on her over the weekend after someone tried to extort him over a sex tape. The Lion King-themed, October 1 bash in Malibu will reportedly cost a whopping $117,855 and will include such party perks as a Price Is Right-like game show, an “Experience Bar” replete with exotic foods tribal dress-up costumes and a real, live chimp in a diaper for $1,500. In related news, Eniko has asked Kevin for the passwords to his phones and other gadgets because of his cheating scandal. Eniko does genuinely believe Kevin loves her and regrets the poor decisions he’s made. His public apology went a long way, but there is still a ways to go. He needs to prove to her that she can trust him.


Remember when Madonna had that British accent…well, apparently, she is now speaking with a Portuguese accent. My source tells me Madonna is actually planning on moving to Portugal. I hear that she is moving for inspiration and to write new music.


Nikki Reed says her husband (former Vampire Diaries star) Ian Somerhalder actually “threw out” her birth control pills when they decided to start a family. Unbeknownst to Nikki, she didn’t realize that Ian was going to go in her purse and take out her birth control. Ian says she was at the beginning of the pack so he had to pop out every pill…he was very thorough. The couple welcomed their first child, daughter Bodhi, on July 25.


Fergie is in a good place post split from husband Josh Duhamel. She says, phunk with her heart. “Things right now are just finally being released—a lot of things, and it feels really good to just exhale, release it all into the world with love and keep it moving.”


David Foster’s 35-year-old daughter Erin Foster has suggested that there’s truth in the reports that the producer is dating singer-actress Katharine McPhee. Erin recently took to Instagram to share a photo of the pair looking cozy at a dinner table and captioned it, “Excited about my new stepmom.” She also shared an Instagram story of the two performing onstage together and wrote alongside it, “My parents.” Of course, Erin could be joking — she’s often made fun of her father for getting married multiple ties. David, 67, and Katharine, 33, first met in 2006 when he mentored her during American Idol when she was a contestant. They have remained close ever since, but were allegedly spotted cuddling at Nobu this spring.


Scott Disick’s relationship with 19-year-old model Sofia Richie seems to be heating up. The pair were spotted kissing on a beach in Miami on yesterday during what appeared to be a couple’s vacation. The 34-year-old reality star and his much younger lady reportedly arrived together earlier in the day and soaked in some sun before sharing a smooch by their waterfront hotel. Prior to this getaway, the duo were seen hanging out around Los Angeles over the last few weeks. Scott was most recently linked to 19-year-old actress and musician Bella Thorne.


Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have collaborated on a song called “You Make It Feel Like Christmas” for her forthcoming holiday album of the same name. Gwen took to Twitter yesterday to share a preview of the track and he quickly tweeted the reply, “Daddy Likey.”


A lot of people were upset that the Kardashians went to Cuba, but nobody was more upset than the lady who showed up at one of their DASH stores with a GUN. She walked into the place recently and pointed the gun at the cashier. She didn’t steal anything, but she messed the place up a little, then left. The media showed up to cover the story, and the woman came BACK. This time she had a MACHETE, and she was waving it around and threatening reporters with it. She was also yelling stuff like, “The Kardashians will be executed if they step on Communist territory! They’ll be [effing] killed!” Eventually, she put the machete between the glass doors of the store and left. Police were still looking for her as of last night.