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Shawn Mendes really opened up during a recent interview with Billboard.  For example, he said, "The second I feel about a girl the way I feel about music is when I know. Being a sex -symbol isn’t cool unless you’re in love with a girl and she calls you a sex symbol." He also claims that it is impossible to have sex now that he's famous. Shawn also spoke on hooking up with older women, saying, "[Patience] is about a girl older than me who I hooked up with, but the next day was so scared because of how young I was. I have a sore spot for older people who are weird around younger people." The singer went on to defend fellow Canadian, Justin Bieber saying, "People thought of him as a type of person. But maybe he was the same person the whole time and you guys just didn’t give him a chance to show you who he was. Stop looking at him in a negative view and accept him as who he is. We don’t get mad at punk rock bands for doing sh*t like [he does], because that’s their personality. I just find it very confusing." Shortly after Shawn’s interview with Billboard surfaced, the singer slammed the publication for misquoting him. In the article, the singer was quoted, saying, "You’re one person. You can’t let them take everything from you. Because they will – not in a malicious way. They just love you. You have to be careful. People know me but they have no idea." Billboard published the story with a tagline that said, "Shawn Mendes on how his fans don’t truly know him." Shawn took to Twitter and said, "I have no idea why they would say that. I did not say that!!! I explained how I'm growing up and so are you guys and how it takes time for you all to fully understand me and me to understand you. It's really unfortunate when what you say gets turned into the bad version of it. I'm sorry guys." Mendes also accused the magazine of cutting out portions of his interview, saying, "And the part that I spoke about how much my fans mean to me and what I owe them is not even touched on. Again, I’m sorry. Very frustrated."







Adele is moving to the west coast. According to my source one of her new neighbours said, "She’s always incognito in a hat and glasses. But she’s very friendly!" Adele also revealed to fans during a recent show that she plans to move to L.A. She said, "I’m officially half a resident of LA. Half LA; half London. I’m in America for eight months. I’m on tour and then I’m going to have Christmas in America. I haven’t done that before, I’m really excited." She has apparently purchased a $9.5 million mansion in Beverly Hills. 




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