Taylor Swift will be hitting the road next year and she’ll reportedly be taking her boyfriend with her. A close source says that Joe Alwyn plans to join Taylor for at least part of the tour. According to this source, Taylor feels that Joe might be the one! Her friends say she is the happiest they have ever seen her. Meanwhile, an Oregon man arrested for stabbing someone told police Taylor Swift made him do it. According to the police report Brent Thicksten, was arrested Sunday in Portland after he chased down Andrew Rice on a street and stabbed him with scissors. After his arrest, Thicksten said he tried to stab Rice because “my wife told me to kill him.” Thicksten then said his wife was Taylor Swift. When police asked where Taylor was, he replied, “We are one,” and reiterated, “She told me to kill him.” He then stopped answering questions because, he claimed, he had “top-secret clearance.”Thicksten is being held on a variety of charges in lieu of more than $277,000 bail.




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