The Big Story


Katy Perry is under fire for outbidding a fan to win a date with her boyfriend Orlando Bloom. The pop star was auditioning off the date to raise money for the victims of the Woolsey Fires in California when a woman named Laura bid $20,000. Katy was not impressed. “Wait, you’re 20?” she asked. “No. I’m sorry, what was your name one more time?” Katy then declared, “Laura? Sorry, I’m buying it for $50,000.” She went on to literally drop the mic and walk off stage as the crowd cheered. However, as video of the incident appeared online, viewers expressed their disapproval. “Katy Perry is still the WORST, even at a charity event,” one tweeted. Anther wrote, “Why not just donate the $50,000 just because and let Laura win the date for $20,000, thereby raising $70,000? But petty will do what petty will do, I guess.”



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